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Advertising and Data Protection

Individual advertising or “direct” promotion, in a broad sense, is that promotional operations that address the advertising message directly to the potential customer (therefore also called “direct marketing”); this aspect distinguishes it from general advertising which, on the other hand, is aimed at a general and indeterminate public: typical examples are advertising on traditional press and TV media.

The two stages of direct marketing

The two stages of direct marketing


Direct marketing, unlike general advertising, presupposes the use of personal data of the “target” consumer to establish a “private” communication: for this purpose, the DM needs to have the contact details or personal data of the potential customer.

With the aim of minimizing the phenomenon of message dispersion, the DM passes to the further stage of advertising, targeted towards families (or “clusters”) of users deemed interested in specific products or services: profiled marketing requires the addition of additional information and more sophisticated on the consumption habits, lifestyles and purchasing preferences of the target, i.e., it needs to profile the recipients.

Redemption and invasiveness

The three stages of marketing described – generalist, direct and profiled – produce a different success rate: the receptivity of the “target” with respect to the advertising message; that is, its predisposition to receive information on the product / service or to purchase, is all the greater the more specific and relevant the personal information you have, relating to the target.

Conversely, in parallel with the higher success rate expected with the progression of the three stages of marketing, passing from one stage to another increases the invasiveness of the method adopted about the individual expectation of confidentiality and tranquility.