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Lead Generation

Let’s take a closer look at “lead generation”, that is, the preliminary step of advertising campaigns consisting of promotional solicitation aimed at collecting the names of customers who express their general interest in the particular product or service to be promoted.


Solicitations of leads

Figure – The process of lead generation.


Targeted commercial solicitation can aim either at promoting a product or service or at gathering expressions of interest in that product or service. In this second case, the commercial solicitation is divided into two steps: 

  1. the first – which is always addressed to a cluster of customers considered relevant – has as its goal to collect the expression of interest of the recipient, through the compilation of the data collection form for future contacts; the compilation of this form and the forwarding of the same to the Client, directly or through a third party, generates what is called “lead”, that is a subject with a strong propensity to purchase the product or service offered.
  2. The second step of the solicitation consists of the targeted contact of leads by the Client to offer and obtain the actual purchase of its products or services.

The first step of the solicitation, therefore, acts as an initial skimming with respect to the selected cluster: while the cluster is an aggregation of individuals who are theoretically believed to be interested, the second moves within an interest confirmed by the same recipient. Consequently, even if the lead is not yet a customer, it is certainly an interested customer and the promotional effort produced will presumably have a higher success rate thanks to the selection “upstream” of the first solicitation.