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EU Data Strategy – 3

The European Union’s data strategy takes shape through an articulated complex of regulatory acts, some already enacted and others in the course of completing the legislative process among the European institutions.


EU Regulations for data sharing

Figure – Main EU Data rules compared.


Once the data protection regime has been settled – with only the ePrivacy reform still being defined for the completion of the approval process by the EU Parliament and Council – the Commission has promoted a series of regulatory acts aimed at supporting the access and sharing of “non-personal data” or even “personal data”, the latter always in compliance with the conditions dictated by the reference legislation.

The regulatory interventions have been of a horizontal nature, that is, of a general nature, such as

  • the Open Data Directive (Directive 2019/1024), for which Member States have until July 17, 2021 to transpose, and Italy has delegated the government for this purpose with the 2019-2020 European delegation law (l. n. 53/2021)
  • the regulation on the free flow of data (Reg. 2018/1807);

as well as some initiatives still at the stage of proposals, such as

  • the proposed Data Governance Act (“DGA”) regulation
  • the possible data law proposal, at the regulatory impact assessment stage and not yet formalized into an official proposal
  • the proposed Artificial Intelligence Act (A.I.A.) regulation.