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The Italian “Do-not-call” and marketing consent

We are back on the topic of the Italian “Do-not-call” Register reform, finalizing its analysis in this round. With the publication in the official gazette of the: 

  • Presidential Decree  of January 27, 2022, No. 26 on the functioning of the reformed Register and 
  • Decree dated 22/7/2022 of the Ministry of Economic Development on the determination of the fee for access to the Register by operators for the year 2022 

the registry reform process is completed. 

Today we will focus on marketing consent following the enrollment in the Register. 

Previous bulletins on the topic are from April 7 and April 21, 2022.


Main changes of the reform

The following table shows the main changes introduced by the reform, compared with the previous discipline.

Registo_pubblico_opposizioni_cosa cambia
Table – Highlights of the reform of the Italian “Do-not-call” Register.