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European investigation on DPO designation and position

On March 15, 2023, the European Data Protection Board launched the second coordinated enforcement action, following the previous one in 2022, on the designation and position of the DPOs within the organization of companies and entities.

It is intended to ascertain, through the dissemination and filling out of questionnaires, whether DPOs carry out their activities without conflicts of interest and with the availability of resources provided by data controllers and processors, to an adequate extent to carry out the tasks assigned by the GDPR to this role.

What is the CEF

CEF stands for Coordinated Enforcement Framework, i.e., the initiative promoted by the EDPB and its member authorities to deepen with coordinated action and method, specific issues of the GDPR: an implementation framework with the goal of ensuring that data protection authorities are able to effectively enforce the regulation in a coordinated manner. 

The operations generally take place throughout a year, and each year a topic is identified for investigation.