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Data sources: focus on the public sector

Profiling, automated decisions, algorithms and artificial intelligence presuppose the availability of large amounts of data, personal and non-personal. The main question in this technological phase, therefore, is finding the sources of data from which to draw, sources that are reliable, accurate, and readily available.

European institutions, having devoted attention to the protection of personal data as a prerequisite for the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms [see. GDPR, EUDPR (Reg. 2018/1725), Law Enforcement Directive (LED, Dir. 2016/680), ePrivacy (Dir. 2002/58 and 2009/136, prop. Regulation)], in this second phase direct their efforts in the regulation of the second aim concerning data: the free movement within the EU and the availability of data as a way to promote the economic and social development of the Union.

The EU Commission’s strategy, therefore, is to “keep the EU at the forefront of the agile data-driven economy while respecting and promoting the fundamental values that are the cornerstones of European societies.”

Use of data

Chart – The current regulations of data acquisition from Public Sector for further purposes.