Industries and Services

House of Data Imperiali, supports national and international companies and groups of companies in the management and protection of personal data in compliance with the EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).


With 30 years of experience, our professionals support clients in multiple industries, understanding the dynamics of specific businesses and the strategic and operational challenges they face every day.

House of data Imperiali collaborates internationally with PrivIntelligent Solutions, offering a wide range of consulting, compliance and DPO services in compliance with EU and local regulations.

House of Data Imperiali – with its Observatory – develops and participates in special projects to expand knowledge and awareness on personal data, monitoring the dynamics on the subject and translating them into consistent business behavior.



In the complexity of data protection regulations, House of Data Imperiali professionals guide companies through a compliance journey built on a specific approach, and focused on business processes and risk management.

(*) In partnership with Law firm Imperiali by Rosario Imperiali d’Afflitto.


The GDPR places the figure of the DPO at the center of the data protection system. Supervision helps the company to prove the compliance of its activities with the standard and facilitates top management in the management of decision-making processes in the field of data protection.

The DPO external to the company offers an independent approach – due ex lege – allowing the company to pursue over time also an objective of management improvement of the areas and functions overseen.

(*) In partnership with Law firm Imperiali by Rosario Imperiali d’Afflitto.


The professionals of House of Data Imperiali support the DPO and the corporate compliance team in the management of data in a responsible and conscious way, in compliance with current regulations.

An essential prerequisite for the governance of data protection systems is the definition of an adequate internal control model aimed at monitoring the effective functioning of the measures and guarantees for the protection of personal data.


The GDPR highlights the strategic importance of employee training. “The controller shall ensure that any person acting under its authority with access to personal data receives instructions in this regard and appropriate awareness and training (Articles 29 and 32).”

House of Data Imperiali offers specific training programs that take into account the classes of users and the resulting training needs.