House of Data Imperiali, supports national and international companies and groups of companies in the management and protection of personal data in compliance with the EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).


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GDPR Compliance

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GDPR Platform

The House of Data Imperiali GDPR platform, created by a team of privacy experts with decades of experience, provides a unique and intuitive tool in which to find a comprehensive body of resources and content aimed at understanding, training and applying the discipline.

Latest Bulletins

EU Representative

The appointment of the EU Representative is required if the company in question is subject to the law of a country which is not a

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EU Data Strategy – 2

We resume our analysis of the European data strategy and the main purpose of promoting the development of a “data driven” economy of the union. 

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With the Observatory data protection, House of Data Imperiali realizes periodical researches and insights, useful to companies, professional offices, institutions, to orient themselves in the world of privacy.


Through tailored training plans and advanced methods Academy provides DPOs, lawyers and professionals, business owners and managers with the skills they need to make data management effective, efficient and safe.